StyleScope Part 2: Come Sail Away…with Norm

Arrrgh sailor he be! Or maybe a pirate..

Our style surveys might not be identical but I sure called it when I guessed that Nautical Norm would be tagged for his ocean minded mentality. His stylescope forecasted exactly what Norm has always saught to achieve in his house- the laid back lifestyle of coastal living. See what HomeGoods had to say about this sailor:

“Set Sail is as laid back as a warm breeze off the ocean. He’s inspired by sun-washed blues, soft, sandy whites, nostalgic, nautical stripes, and coastal elements. He saturates his home—and thus, those around him—with a sense of calm so palpable you’re almost sitting dockside when you visit him”.

Well, that’s Norm. Personalitywise, he is one cool, laidback cat. People often comment when they are in our house about how relaxed, homey and beachy it is. The parts he said he relates to are 1) Being laid back, taking the less stressful route in life…we even have hammocks on our porch! 2) Nostalgia, he likes weathered elements incorporated into decor-especially if they have a backstory and 3) Soft sandy whites, neutrals which have a sense of calm, accented with pops of color, for personality.

I like to think that I bring in the homey vibe and he balances it with his coastal Carolina feel. As far as our conversation once he divulged his “stylescope” (which he would not let me view while he was making his picks):

  • A: Which one was it? The nautical one?
  • N: Of course, what else?
  • A: I knew it! Oh it’s called “Set Sail”.
  • N: I don’t like the picture here.
  • A: It’s just a vignette.
  • N: Oh! Vin-yeeeehhh-t.
  • A: Yes, I am a vocabulary vixen.

And just like that, we were off topic…

As far as how we merge our somewhat differing styles into one home…this is an ongoing process of compromise, decision making and playful debate. We’ll be back tomorrow to cover how we go about it!


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