Good, good, good, good decisi-unnnnsss

Here’s a catchy musical post to help you avoid the sneaky traps of seemingly great sales and the pressure that sometimes accompanies decision making.

Since yesterday’s *first post everrrr* had Norm and I comparing our different styles and aesthetics, we started thinking about exactly how we make our decisions about what goes where, with what and how we shop together. This post would be waaaaay long if I delved into each of those points so I’ll just focus on a piece of that pie, for today!

Our basic order of operations goes something like this:

  1. Come to an agreement about what we need and don’t lock in to a specific color or material just yet.
  2. Shop around, price compare- see what’s out there.
  3. Whittle down to the top 2 or 3 favorites and evaluate the colors, textures, sizes, comfort, etc. of each for the space.
  4. Go with the gut feeling and price that’s right. Always.

Regardless of the size of the project, our first goal is simply to make good decisions. Easier said than done, right?! Hahaha… Well, we figured out that no one will be happy with any choices if we don’t start things off on the right foot so we talk it over and discuss what we want and what we need. Knowing what we need usually trumps any kinds of wants and thereby eliminates the issues that come with wanting frivolous things. We try and be disciplined. Afterall, we have a wee little house that we want to feel cozy but not cluttered.

We also price compare, shop around and sit on a decision unless we are sure it’s the best decision we can make at the time we are making it. If it doesn’t feel right, we just.don’ I remember being in World Market and my mouth was watering over a lovely couch with a chaise attached (on clearance for just under $400.00), the perfect dimensions for our awkward, tiny, living room and enough leg room for my 6’4″ man to stretch out on. I wanted it. This could revolutionize our couch sitting. He could stretch out and I could lay down. All at the same time! Heck, we could have 4 people sit there if we wanted!

The problem was that we already had two couches and were looking for a change but didn’t have a plan. We wanted to Craigslist the one (which needed cleaning first) but didn’t have storage for the new one while we figured it all out…and the sale was ending! Oh the drama! Then, questions started coming up. Is there something else that we needed to spend that money on? (Afterall, we didn’t have a lack of seating, even if we didn’t love it). What was more important? A new couch or cleaning and selling the other couch then making room for a new piece (if we even still wanted it)? It was starting to feel like there was pressure because of a very good sale.

Queen knows what I’m talking about.

Though we were in agreement that we liked the look and the size and price were right, as the pressure of the limited quantity (I spoke to the floor manager about their stock) and end of sale approached, we were getting desperate feeling. Too much to do and too little time.  Once we  ultimately  acknowledged that the timing wasn’t quite right we also realized we had other reservations about the purchase. Would the new couch be versatile enough in other rooms if we rearranged? Are we sure we didn’t want the original couches once they were cleaned or were we set on selling them?

Our decision was not to cave into the pressure of a good deal or the itch for rearranging if our gut feeling was unsettled. This choice paid off in the end since Norm borrowed a steam cleaner, tidied up the blue tight weave Pier 1 couch and Craigslisted it to a woman who owns a local art gallery- she was interested in the couch for the gallery itself (and we could come lounge whenever we wanted!) but loved it so much it ended up in her home! Removing and selling one couch cleared the space, put some money in our pockets and helped us see that the living room was no longer our most important priority to focus on.

How do you and your significant other make joint purchase decisions? Have you ever caved for a great sale? I love how Queen’s video flashes cameos of scenes from Nosferatu and Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde creeping around mixed with lovers kissing. I get that whole forget the  pressure and just love vibe, haha. Do you ever feel that during decison making on a deadline you’ll just freak out, under the pressure? Did you ever end up with too many pieces of furniture in one room? We almost did!


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