Houzz Browzz-ing

It’s always rhyme time around here! See? I did it again.

If you haven’t come across the “online platform”, Houzz yet, make sure you have a few hours days to spare! I stumbled upon this site over a year ago and have been smitten ever since. I’m a more-is-more girl when it comes to research and I’ve been known to devour magazines (on ANY length of a plane ride, I need at least 4!), so Houzz and I were meant to find each other. I simply cannot devour all the content available at this site. You can tour endless galleries based on individual houses, themes, styles, trends, etc.

Though it doesn’t embody our total aesthetic, I do appreciate how this gallery helps generate decor related ideas- check it out:

What do you think- ready to create your own ideabooks on Houzz? Do you have an online/hardcopy magazine addiction like me?! (I’m going green-er and cutting back, for sure! All of my magazines are recycled into art!) Are you meticulous about doing research? I find it so hard to tear away from an inspiration rich site sometimes!


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