Orange You Glad You Can Make This At Home?

For awhile now I’ve been gearing up to replace my Trader Joe’s Cedarwood and Sage All Purpose Cleaner. I absolutely love it, but it’s running out. I guess I officially have emotions about cleaning products now. In any case, our Trader Joe’s won’t be up and running until November 30th <can’t wait!> so I’ve been working on an all natural backup. TJ’s can be hard to compete with since their prices are so low but I was up for a challenge…

I had been researching some all natural, home made alternatives and after reading several different takes on the same idea, I settled on this mega simple recipe: vinegar and orange peels. Some people use essential oils, lemon juice, baking soda…the options go on and on. I just want an easy cleaner that can go from glass to granite to ceramic without the vinegar stink or manhandling of my lungs. I’m sensitive to all kinds of chemical smells and the onset of a headache arrives soon after I detect them, so my exposure to bleach and other harsh cleaners is very limited. Plus, it’s just cray-cray to breathe that junk in, if you don’t have to.

Here’s how you can do it, too:

  1. Eat some oranges (save the peels)
  2. Fill up a glass jar (the bigger the better, you’re gonna want plenty!)
  3. Pour white vinegar over the peels and fill to the top. The hardest part is that you need to Forget about the jar. For four weeks. YES. FOUR WEEKS.
  4. …Mmkay so you’ll need to flip it over once a week so just remember it for the flipping and otherwise leave it alone.

I resisted opening, smelling and investigating the vinegar filled jar of marinating oranges and it totally paid off. You’ll know that you’ve made a delightful all natural, all purpose cleaner when you have a lovely orange scent remaining and only a slight trace of vinegar.

If you are patient (which is why you should start this before your current cleaner runs out) then you will not have a strong vinegar scent remaining. You’ll smell delightful oranges and reap the benefits of a squeaky <but not streaky> vinegar finish. Holla!

Try it out! Tell me how it goes. Be patient! Save yourself some major moolah by eating the fruits you love and upcycling them into an all purpose cleansing infusion!

Have you ever made any other cleansers? Do you have any tips for creating a totally vinegar-stink-free cleaner? My next recipe will be for laundry detergent, I think. How do your home made products seem to compare to all natural store bought cleansers as far as price/quality/quantitiy versus the convenience of just buying the product?


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