(Porch) Party Rockin Preview

Par-teeeeeee Rooooooooock is on the porch, thissssss Faaaalllllllll….


….so the porch is getting a makeover! And who better to get you pumped up for a party rockin makeover then these LMFAO/NormAndrea hybrids?!

There are a hundred projects that we would love to do to revamp the front porch and we finally decided to start tackling them.

What we are working with at the outset of the project (multiple projects for one space, really) looks something like this….on the right side…

…and this to the left…


The 25′ x 8′ space had been getting progressively more cluttered as we cleaned out the carport and more of a tight squeeze with each rocking chair that was added.

With the amazing weather that is October in Wilmington, I really wanted us to  1. reclaim one of our favorite outdoor hangout spaces 2. infuse some fall spirit with a little outdoor decor and 3. create a more sophisticated (read: less dorm room disaster) space, all while maintaining our relaxed vibe.

Norm had recently hung the beautiful stained glass mermaid art, made by local artist Cindy Richardson, from one of the beams. We have plans to eventually let it live in our sunroom but until we build one, we love that the sun lights it up on the porch.

Aside from the mer-art, everything else was cleared off the porch and either put away, donated, recycled or set in the grass for cleaning/repair. Forrest scoped out the scene to see if we would ever put something on the grass for him to lay on…since he only snuggles on important things that he isn’t supposed to, I think was was unimpressed by what we laid out.

The whitewashed metal pole on the far left is a yard decoration that looks kind of like a palm tree with a bird’s nest. In the photo, the fronds are removed so it looks a little funny. A friend (shout out to Cass!) gave it to Norm when she moved, along with two teak rocking chairs- how awesome is she?! There is something beachy and quirky about the metal tree that we have always gravitated to but we’ve never done much with it. We’ve considered spray painting it, giving it away, leaving it alone and it’s been moved around the yard a few times. THIS time, we are going to clean it up, spray paint it and find it a home in the yard or donate it. With all this Fall filtering, it’s time to use it or lose it!

The two white shoe racks from Target just needed a wipe down since they were our shoe drop on the porch. They had collected a lot of dust, dirt and sand so once they were cleaned up, we decided to bring them inside for a guest closet that needs some more organization. We are considering another outdoor shoe organizing option since we try not to bring shoes inside the house. Maybe we will build a bench seat with some organizing compartments or discover a narrow solution for just inside the doorway of the entrance. Check future posts for the update!

Next in the lineup is our sturdy little stained side table that Norm found on Craigslist for free. We like the simple design of it and aside from a few surface stains, it’s in good condition. The plan is to sand and spray paint the table in a fresh new color.

As far as the rocking chairs go, the two teak ones are in great condition and very solid. We are going to donate the oak one as well as a yellow one that isn’t pictured. The white wood chair with the missing slat has found a new home around our fire pit seating area. We removed the rocking legs and it now sits firmly on the ground. I told ya we were rich in rocking chairs!

I hope our preview was sneaky enough for ya! Are you making-over your front porch with some projects? Or, maybe just updating the outdoor decor? What do you do at your house to give the exterior a season appropriate vibe? Tell us! We’re always all ears for fresh ideas and we’ll feature some sweet seasonal changes by readers, in an upcoming post.


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