She shoots, she saves, she scores!

I’m not much of a coupon cutter. I like the idea of coupons and discounts in general (who doesn’t?!) but as I have thumbed through newspapers and ads, I have never found coupons for items that I really buy…until I came upon couponing websites like She Saved. There are still plenty of offerings on sites like these that I don’t really go for but the convenience of the online site really appeals to me since I’m a total technogeek when it comes to my news and shopping, especially. Because many of them have a social marketing side on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, I don’t necessarily set out seeking coupons but casually come across them.

I gave She Saved a shot and my first experience has been positive- I scored a free “beauty bag” from Target with sample sized products. Sites like these advertise for discounts and freebies all the time and sometimes all you have to do is simply sign up and have good timing, since quantities do sometimes run out. I was lucky though, a few weeks after signing up for the Target freebie, I received this in the mail:


Yay! A package for me! With fun stuff (I hoped!). I didn’t really know what samples I would be sent but in my mind, things like this are great for traveling, the gym or depending on whats in it, for in the car- basically whenever I’m on-the-go. Plus, if the marketing campaign goes as they hoped, maybe I’ll be turned on to some new product. At the very least, as I opened the box, inside was a cute zippered pouch and I know that’ll come in handy for one of those on-the-go moments :-)



Suprise! Inside the package were  Loreal EverPure shampoo, conditioner and a deep conditioner samples, Clear scalp and hair therapy shampoo and conditioner, Fekkai Glossing shampoo and conditioner, Jergens Daily moisture lotion, a Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer sample as well as a coupon book for the upcoming months at Tar-jayyy.

There are some upcoming travel plans in the busy month of November so this cute little freebie will definitely help to downsize the toiletry packing.

Are there any sites you recommend for discounts and freebies? Do you have any online couponing wisdom to share? What are some of the great giveaways or deeply discounted items you have scored?


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