Fall-o-ween-ing aka Copy Box Challenge

Norm and I have never really decorated for the seasons or holidays since we’ve lived together…which is coming up on four years. It’s a bit odd because I grew up in household that was always decorated to the max- especially for Christmas (I came from a Catholic household growing up) and Valentine’s Day (my mom’s birthday), even St. Patrick’s Day (we’re Irish) and definitely Easter. My mom even got into some pretty elaborate Halloween set ups a few times, comeplete with scaring the neighborhood children by posing still on the front porch in costume and eerie music blasting out the office windows. Check out some glimpses from my upbringing:

<insert mom holiday photos here>

When I lived in my apartment for many, many years, I always decorated with small touches and included little sweet reminders of those special days to come. Except Easter. I always missed that one. I guess I was on Spring Break of some sort somewhere- since transistioning from a student to a teacher, I’ve come to cherish those breaks…what? They’re for a holiday, you say? Whatevs…I have 5 days off!

Joking aside, “what happened, I wondered?”. I LOVE the holiday spirit, festive energy and hints that the seasons are changing. So, we have decided to get Fall-o-ween-ing around here. I can’t bring myself to go all out for just one (holi)day or justify to Norm why we need to store boxes of decorations in our already tiny abode. My remedy for this is to satisfy the whole season…A wholelotta Fall theme, sprinkled with some Halloween twinkle and wrapped up with a Thanksgiving bow. That way, we can keep our decorations going from the end of September through the end of November without having to really do much to keep up with the times. I’ve also decided to add a twist to keep things disciplined since we are pretty much starting from scratch with the seasonal decorating. It’s my Copy Box Challenge. Whatever is going to be used for the season needs to fit into one copy paper box for storage when it comes down…except for Christmas. I already know we’ve exceeded one copy box there. Eek!

After living with my wonderful, loving mother and watching her dutifully pack and unpack seasonal decorations, I know it takes time and plenty of storage space. Stuff we just don’t have…how’d ya do it, ma?! Plus, Norm and I try to bring as little plastic into our lives as possible and from faux flowers to window clings, much of the seasonal decor is plastic. We are the upcycling and repurposing types so if it is wood, glass, ceramic and transitions between more than one room or space well, then it works for us best.


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