We are the dynamic duo that thought we could make our millions by blogging, so we’re here to give it a try.

I’m Andrea and that’s my main squeeze, Norm.

Norm Andrea About Page 3 We’re kind of modern renaissance types.

He’s a Gemini and I’m a Cancer.

The super smiley-life-of-the-party with a penchant for storytelling and the happy-to-be-a-hippie-hermit with heightened intuition…

He loves to socialize and I l♥ve to cook.

We both love to eat but even more- share our food with good company.

He is quite fancy in the home renovations department and incredibly talented with landscape design.

I make, teach, sell and blog about art & design as well as revel in all things domestic goddessdom- like making cheese! Mmmm.

We travel every chance we get.


Norm owns a house that the four of us live in.

I own a house that four other people live in.

They call us their houselords. I think it sounds very regal.

We’ll tell you about how all of this goes.


Forrest (yes, named after Forrest Gump) is our amazing rescue pup.

He may have been Houdini in a previous life.

I found him just off the highway…”he just kept ruuun-ninnnng”.

 He has a bb near his butt. We didn’t put it there.

He seems very happy to live with us now.

His only shortcoming is that he is camera shy.

forrestcamerashy1 ♥♥♥♥


TigerLily is our baby cat.

She is part delicate flower, part tiny tigress.

I almost ran her over on a busy street one Sunday morning and that is how she came to live with us.

She is the ultimate model- a chamelon cat, if you will.

I love her the most and she loves Norm the most.

lilycatlovesnormieSometimes life is just unfair.


We live in Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s quaint (small-ish town) AND charming (the nickname is “Wilmywood“) AND hip (we have a Whole Foods). Plus, we have the biggest soundstage east of the Mississippi, so that counts for hip-ness, right? I mean FILM PEOPLE come here.

Norm has worked in skilled trades almost all of his life. I’m not sure what job he had as a baby. His mom said he used to bang his head on the ground and they got tired of trying to stop him so they just let him do it. But, he likes to build stuff now.

I’ve been an artist my whole life. Even as a baby. I got the idea I couldn’t make money that way so I also teach art…everyone knows THAT’S where the big bucks are. When I was little, my mom used to put black pepper on my tongue when I said bad words. I grew to like it.



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